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Underwriting Breaches in Loan Pools and in RMBS Trusts

This is a 6 part webinar series. Each webinar is one hour in length. Jeremy Calva will guide us through his lessons learned as a loan and investment professional who experienced the financial crisis first hand. He utilizes the corporate credit union failure, financial institution success and more than 200 RMBS trusts reviewed and applies the lessons learned to investments, individual loan and whole loan pool purchases assessments. 

A 6 part Webinar Series by  including the following webinars:

  • Discover of Underwriting Breaches in a Pool of Loans and/or within an RMBS Trust
  • Financial Crisis Breaches and Fraud in RMBS Trusts and Whole Loan Pools
  • Managing Risks with New Loan Growth Strategies
  • Pool and PMI Insurance Rescission in RMBS Trusts and Potential Servicer Liability
  • Strategies for Mitigating and Recovering Losses in Loan Pools and RMBS
  • The Discovered and Uncorrected $30 Billion RMBS Fraud (33 trusts)